Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today is the Big Day!!

Today is Dad's Triple Bypass surgery and I am a wreck.  I was handling it with minimal tears (an INCREDIBLE feat for me!) until they said they put Dad on the heart & lung machine to breathe for him and pump his blood while they operate to bypass the 3 blockages in his heart.  I wasn't prepared for how much that would affect me.  But the nurse is giving us regular updates and all is going well.  Keep praying that recovery goes as smoothly as the surgery so far.  The big hurdle now is that they will remove him from the heart & lung machine and make sure none of the bypasses leak!  We are not in the clear yet,  please continue to pray!

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  1. that pretty much hit me like a ton of bricks too, bethy. no joke, i don't think little girls ever want to hear that their hero is having a machine do the breathing blood flow thing for daddy... big hugs from here, lil sis!!