Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a BOY!!! myspace graphic comments

The cake was BLUE, that means we are having a BOY! Andrew was kinda hoping for a little princess but I guess I get MY little prince first. Once Little Gabriel Thomas is here, we will both be head over heels in love (with each little kick, I am ALREADY in love.)  It is a little harder for daddies cuz they can't feel all the little flutters but all that changes once that precious little boy is in our arms.  I for one, can NOT wait.  I am 23 weeks, that means 3 1/2 LONG months to go!  How will I ever make it? =D

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  1. oh, you will make it little sis!! it's really no fun there at the end, but you will make it ;-) and yea, it does have to come out somehow... that was my whine the first time!