Friday, March 1, 2013

Ready...Set...SEW (almost)!

Well I have my pattern all laid out for the body of my carrier(s).  I will be using roughly the same template for my TCMT (tablecloth conversion mei tai), TCRT (tablecloth conversion ring tai), and TCOB (tablecloth conversion onbuhimo) with a few modifications on each one so I can figure what works perfectly for us.  For the TCMT I am going to use a contoured body, add seat darts, use padded to wrap straps and a padded waist with wrap straps.  For the TCRT I am going to use a contoured body, a hidden stabilizer layer to which I will attach my straps and use an non-padded waist and for the TCOB I am going to use a straight style body (non-contoured), pad the waist and around where G's little legs will go.  Now I need a table large enough to cut all this out and a hemming foot to help with those 80" long MT straps!

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  1. I am so excited for your sewing projects!! I have a friend here who is ready to teach me how to quilt. I am so excited, but I need to finish my college courses first. I would rather be sewing...