Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speaking of March 8...

Kay, I couldn't get this to post on your blog as a comment, so I am featuring you on my blog today!  This day in history, a bright blue eyed, golden haired little girl bounced into this world and her sisters have not had a moment's rest!!  But we love you for it.  If you didn't have the energy you do, you couldn't WOW me so much with your strength as a wife and mother!  Keep setting the Gold Standard, Sister!


  1. aw, thanks bethy!!! i do love you, i know all that childhood stuff may be hard to get over, but i really did love you then too. sometimes younger sibs need a good beating.... ;-)

    just kidding!!

  2. Just wanted to say hello! I came here from your sister's blog and noticed you're involved in the Jane Austen challenge.

    I am, too, at http://janeaustenyear.blogspot.com