Thursday, February 3, 2011

Down Memory Lane

Memory Lane

I remember this ONE family vacation...up in the Rocky Mountains.  Along side the curvy mountain road crouched this unassuming hunters cabin.  My sisters and I decided to investigate (April had her camera along and wanted to take pictures-Kay took the video camera).  Down the mountain side we trekked, video taping the whole journey...for posterity...or hilarity as it turns out.  As we reach the cabin we are discussing its possible past occupants.  Gold diggers from the 49 gold rush maybe, lone hunters out for elk in the high mountains.  We peer through the tiny window and somebody says "Wait a minute...there are blankets on that bed and it looks slept in."  Someone else notes "There are canned goods that shelf on the wall." Suddenly, Kay (with the video camera) turns and walks away.  Not to be left behind, April and I follow.  As we hop over the tiny mountain stream, someone steps in the water and sucks in a breath-it's COLD.  Kay takes off as though BigFoot himself is pursuing her.  All we see is Kay bolting for the car! April and I speed up the side of the mountain.  -Now, I don't know how many of you have ever tried any sort of physical activity up in the mountains, but the air is thin up there? It's difficult to catch your breath when you are walking.  When you are running for your life, it is as thought your lungs will explode.-  We arrive back at the van, completely breathless and yet laughing hysterically.  While we heave and guffaw, I look up to see Mom's face etched in concern and Dad's eyebrows couldn't go any further up his forehead.  suddenly, the laughter intensified as we imagined what it looked like from above, as we explore, decide to leave and suddenly barrel up the mountain.  It was hilarious...and as I mentioned before, all caught on video tape.

One of my favorite memories with my sisters.

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  1. oh man, i totally remember that!! i swear big foot was right behind us!!!